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Cryptocurrency has suffered from a poor image problem for a long time. Negative media hits the newswire on a daily basis. We wake up to another mainstream media piece about the risks of investing in digital currency. SolaceCoin aims to change that perception and start showing the world that blockchain technology can do wonderful things.


Charity is what we do and we do it well. For every block that is mined on the SolaceCoin network, we will make a contribution to the Charity Wallet automatically. The world would be a better place if everyone gave a little to charity to support those that need it most.

That is where SolaceCoin comes in… We have opened up a market that allows miners to contribute to our network and in the process, they are automatically donating to a good cause.

This project’s ultimate goal is to get everyone invested in SolaceCoin involved in the giving process. We will make sure your voice doesn’t get lost in the vast sea of cryptocurrency. We listen to you all and by doing that we give you the ability to vote on your favorite charities. This allows SolaceCoin to spread the wealth around to more than one charitable cause.


Having a network that is built on Proof-of-Work (PoW) gives us the opportunity to get everyone involved. We live in a world where technology is growing on an exponential rate. In this day and age processing power is increasing greatly and those that own a computer are no longer in the minority.

SolaceCoin’s mission is to capitalize on the computational power that exists in most homes today. A lot of people have devices that just sit idle in their drawers that can be used to mine SolaceCoin! We want to build a platform with tools that allow those devices be put to work. They will earn wealth for the users and in the process contribute to a good cause.


Louise realizes she has a couple old laptops and a smartphone at her home that she no longer uses. She looks online to see how much money she could get for them. She is shocked when she finds they are not worth the effort of trading them in. So she chooses to recycle them instead…

Her friend Julie did some searching online and realized she could set up her old devices to mine SolaceCoin. For the small cost of electricity, now Julie is earning profits from her old devices and contributing to some great causes at the same time. It allows Julie to earn some passive income while utilizing devises she would otherwise toss out.


SolaceCoin donate monthly to SaveTheChildren and provide updates on their progress.



Nathan Kent


Avid technology enthusiast… You mention fast connections and racks of servers and i‘m sold. Love’s being a Dad (When she’s not teething)

Leon Meiring

FOUNDER / C++, Android Developer

Loving husband and father to be. Love making mobile games for children and don’t care about making adults happy.

Mihai Trif

Blockchain Developer

Maniac for technology, no tech is too new. Lover of blockchain technologies and dedicated to charity and social endeavors. Avid planet lover and passionate about changing the way cryptocurrencies are mined.


April 11th 2018

Solace Coin was born

April 12th 2018

We reached over 200 concurrent miners on the network

April 13th 2018

Blockexplorer was released to the public

April 13th 2018

Website is released to the public

April 13th 2018

Hash rate becomes distributed evenly through Community pools

April 17th 2018

Successfully forked to Cryptonight Heavy

April 17th 2018

GUI Wallet Released

April 19th 2018

Listed on our first Exchange –

April 25th 2018

Altex Exchange Listing –

April 30th 2018

Successfully completed our first donation to the Childrens Hospital.
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May 2nd 2018

Remote Node Wallet Released

May 8th 2018

TradeOGre Listing.
Trade Now!

May 10th 2018

Second Donation Completed
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May 20th 2018

First Child Sponsorship

2018 Goals Achieved

  • Website went live
  • CryptoNight Heavy
  • GUI Wallet
  • Two Donations
  • Charity Vendor Voting System
  • Charity Donation
  • Remote Node Wallet
  • TradeOgre Listing
  • Child Sponsorship